Thursday, November 12, 2009


As we were on the interstate from High Point Road to Wendover, I noticed a few things. First, there was a lot of retail visible from the interstate. Second, I saw a few industrial buildings and lots of open space. I'm not exactly sure what a specific building that I saw was, but there was a massive parking lot beside it that was almost full.

After exiting onto Wendover Avenue from I-40, I saw lots of car dealerships at the beginning. After the numerous car dealerships, there were more retail and industrial-type buildings. Then it turned to more residential, with a school, businesses, and houses as we were headed towards the mills. The area didn't seem as nice or upscale as other parts that we had seen. Some of the businesses that I saw were Office Depot, Costco, The Shoppes at Wendover Village (Petco, A.C. Moore, etc.), Gamestop, Wells Fargo Financial, Rooms To Go Kids, Verizon, and FedEx Kinkos.

While driving along Battleground Avenue, I saw even more retail. Some of the stores were Target, Petsmart, Harris Teeter, and Party City. As we shifted onto Old Battleground, the buildings looked a little older and somewhat more run-down. The spaces in between didn't look like they were kept up as well.

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