Thursday, November 12, 2009


My attitude and ability towards looking close at the American city has drastically changed from before. I now look closer at the architectural details of a building, and while I may not be able to tell you what time period it is from, I can think about what it looks similar to that we have seen over the semester. I can use Clay's vocabulary to better understand an area. I also feel as though I am able to better assess the values of a building or area. For example, the library that we visited values knowledge and personal growth, while the mall values an indoor space where people can gather and shop. I am better oriented in Greensboro. My family came up recently and I was able to navigate to where we wanted to go based on where we had been in class. I know more about the history of UNCG and Greensboro. Without having taken this class, I doubt that I would know that the clock tower is a stack of both time and memories, or that the Blandwood Mansion or Guilford Courthouse National Military Park even existed. I have learned to not take everything at face value, but rather to look deeper and see what is really there.

For my final project, I am thinking about looking at the Greensboro Coliseum. I will look at the history of it, what it represents through Clay's vocabulary, and how it fits with the city and the surrounding area.

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