Thursday, November 12, 2009


The mills.

We visited the mill village outside of White Oak Mill. This area was owned by the Cone family, who decided to open textile mills. The houses are all of the same basic structure, but most of the residents have added on things. They all have a center chimney and the same layout inside. In this area, the streets are numbered and grid-like. There are no sidewalks, which seems to say that they are more work-oriented, and an outside space to socialize was not needed. They value practicality and hard work.

This area is like a miniature town set inside of Greensboro. Back when the mill was in use, there were other buildings like churches and possibly some businesses. There are also not many old trees, signifying that it was not valued when the houses were built. This area has a more open feel, and the houses are further apart than those in College Hill and COllege Park. Near the houses are the Masonic and Baptist Churches, and the Presbyterian church with the attached graveyard. The Cone family has an area sectioned off in this graveyard for their family members.

Another residential area that we visited was the Loewenstein Residence, where we had lunch. The current residents, the Levy's, are related to the Cone family, and the house was designed for Jane's father. There is a lot of open space, and it has a blend of inside and outside throughout the house. There are lots of windows, and it seems to maximize the natural light coming in. There is a long hallway between the public and private areas of the house. It was a very interesting residence, and I felt as though I could've lived there without anyone ever knowing that I was there. :) There were also some unique outdoor art pieces, like the pearl necklace and the airplane.

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