Monday, October 5, 2009

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Observations about the commercial area in College Hill:

As you walk right across campus, it seems to look nice (around Jack's and Walgreens), but as you move further out, the appearance goes down some (around the apartments). Then once you move to the residential area, it looks well-kept and clean closer to Walker Ave.

There were 2 churches in the area that we saw, including Spring Garden Friends Meeting and Ebenezer Lutheran Church (on Walker Ave.)

On the edges of the neighborhood, we saw a lot of gas stations and convenience stores. There were also several smaller (probably local) stores along Spring Garden St. and Walker Ave., including Cheap-O-Video, Greensboro Electric Trains, and Spring Garden Bakery and Coffee House.

Turning on Elam St., the area was residential until we reached the intersection of Elam St. and Walker Ave. At this intersection, there was a bus stop with benches for waiting, a sign that said "Taxi Cab Parking", and several stores/restaurants such as Fishbones, The Property Source, Walker's Bar, and the Blind Tiger.

The College Hill neighborhood seems to be residential on the inside, and commercial along some of the edges.

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