Saturday, October 24, 2009

Downtown Institutions

Why is it significant that an open space (the park) is reserved in the city where it is? It is near the cultural attractions, where large groups of people would come to visit and maybe need a spot to congregate. It adds to the value of the "artsy" area, and is surrounded by big buildings. From : The park represents the "city as an open and welcoming place of diverse people", and is a "relaxed and lively" space.

The park.

How does the "avenue" of the Cultural Center speak to greater issues in the community about access to the arts? The "avenue" makes the arts literally accessible to everyone with the 2 entrances. It seems to be almost an informal, but inviting space, somewhat like walking down a road. It shows how the city is eager to extend the arts to everyone.

The Cultural Center.

What is the meaning of the dome in the Central Library? The dome represents a center inside of the library, a "center of learning". It also helps bring in the natural light which keeps the library from seeming like a dreary place.

The dome in the Central Library.

What are the implications of re-using the Presbyterian Church fo the city's history museum, remembering that it was both civic auditorium and library in between? The building would obviously need a lot of restoration in order to make it functional as a museum. It changes the value of the building and land around it from religious to more historical and cultural.

The Greensboro Historical Museum.

How does the old library compare to the current one in form, materials, orientation? The new library seems more modern and the building itself is more stream-lined. The old library, which is now Elon Law School, was right in the middle of downtown, which makes it not as easily accessible for those who are driving. The new library, if I'm remembering correctly, has parking beside the building and is further away from the center of downtown.

Old library, now Elon Law School.

How do each of the buildings we visited today meet the street? Are there public spaces along the fronts or the interiors of these buildings? The library has a lot of open space along the front and sides of it, with a lot of space right inside. The cultural center has space inside, with it's "avenue" layout. The museum has a lot of space out front for people to gather. I'm not exactly sure what is being asked by public space inside, because all of these buildings are big with lobbies inside, but would they want people to congregate there? I personally wouldn't think so. It would cause congestion and make it hard to get in/out of the doors.

Walking in front of the new library.

A car parked in front of the Elon Law School. :)

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