Friday, September 4, 2009

Map Assignment

Color Key:
Dark Green - Break
Hot Pink - Front
Dark Blue - Beat
Yellow Highlighter - Stack
Red - Sink
Orange - Turf
Purple - Vantage
Light Blue - Fix
Green Highlighter - District
Pink/Purple - Strip

One example of a stack is the smokestack on the steam plant. We learned that stacks are generally pushed to the outskirts of town, or in this case, campus, and this stack, as well as the radio tower and the water tower, are on the south edges of campus.

An example of a break is in the center of campus where the library and Stone Building are. This is a break from Walker Ave, which used to run all the way through campus. I think that this break was put there because the school wanted to emphasize education rather than automobile transportation.

A front along Spring Garden street and Administration Dr, with the Foust Building. We have previously talked about the front of Foust being more decorated on the side that faces the main road, and it really is a front.

I think that one of the main beats on campus is the Elliot University Center, or EUC. This building houses many offices and the campus bookstore and food court, and is frequented by many students on a day-to-day basis.

A sink on campus could also include the south side of campus with the steam plant and other surrounding buildings. These buildings are across from the railroad tracks, which have a hill on the other side along with many industrial buildings.

On my map, I marked the whole of campus as a turf because it is the "turf" of the students. We are all on campus as students and this is "our space". Another example of a turf can be areas such as the sports area, which I also marked as a district because all of the sports fields and buildings are close together. Many of the dorms are close together too, qualifying them as districts as well.

A vantage point on campus is the tower on the parking deck. My roommate and I went to the top of the McIver parking deck the other day and could see far off into campus and into the surrounding neighborhoods of Greensboro. Another vantage is the tower on the top of the Weatherspoon Museum.

I marked a fix on my map as the fountain, the dining hall, and the EUC. These areas are main fixes for students because they are popular meeting places, and always have a crowd around them. Another fix I marked is Yum Yums, because many students go there to eat and socialize. College Avenue can also be a fix because it is the main connecting road to many dorms and buildings on campus.

A strip that we have seen could be the strip of dorms and buildings along College Avenue, but also the stores along Tate Street. They are all close together and seem to draw a large group of people from UNCG. They are literally a strip.

I apologize that there are no photos with this post, but I can't get my photos to upload off of my camera. As soon as I can locate a cord, the pictures will be up on my blog. Again, I apologize.

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