Friday, September 4, 2009

5 Pictures Assignment

This is the bell tower on the south side of campus, the Nicholas A. Vacc Bell Tower. This is an example of a stack on campus. However, it may not be the traditional stack that we think of. I think that this stack more represents the accumulation of memories. I know that personally my friends and I have sat around this bell tower and had conversations that I will remember for a long time, so I have a personal connection. Also, sitting in class at the bell tower this past Thursday gave me another experience at the bell tower. I jumped when the bells rang because they startled me, but it's still one of my favorite places to be.

This is a picture of the stores on Tate Street. This represents a strip because it is a long line of stores close together. When I read Clay's description of a strip, I was reminded of strip malls that were so popular to build a few years ago. Developers would buy a piece of land and build stores on it in a strip. Maybe strips became popular because it was easier to quickly see what store was in a particular shopping center. While the stores on Tate Street aren't exactly a strip mall, they still qualify as a strip.

This picture was taken from the top of the McIver parking deck overlooking the Music Building, which is a vantage point. My roommate and I went up to the top on Thursday night because there was a beautiful sunset and we wanted to see how far out we could see. While we couldn't see quite as much as we thought we would be able to, I still think that it was a vantage point because we could definitely see more than just looking from ground level. We were able to see over the Music Building and out to some of the surrounding streets like Tate St. and what I think was West Market St. When we looked to the east (in the direction of the tall buildings downtown), we were unable to see the buildings. However, from our dorm, which is on the 8th floor, we can see over the tree and out to the tall buildings. I think that one could say that a vantage point would be anything up high where you could see out far. I think that my dorm is possibly not the best vantage point on campus because our building is surrounded by trees, but it still provides a pretty good view.

This is a beat, but more specifically, the walkway in front of the Foust Building. There is a stone at the beginning of the walkway saying, "The Graduate Walk: Honoring alumni as a remembrance of their years at the University. Begun 1995 - Growing each year. As the walkway continues on, there are bricks with alumni's names on them, like "Mary Rebekah Hampton 1893". I can only imagine the alumni gathering to walk down this pathway and reminiscing about their time at UNCG. During the school year, this walkway serves as a beat for students, connecting them from a part of Spring Garden St. to College Avenue, and offers a scenic walk on the way to class.

The first picture is one of the industrial buildings across from the steam plant. The second picture is the tower of the steam plant. While the tower is a stack, I am going to explain why I think that the area is a sink. Across the street from the steam plant are train tracks and then the industrial buildings. These buildings are in a lower valley than the steam plant. The ground is lower on the other side of the tracks. This is a sink because it is where the buildings that are not attractive are "pushed" into a hole on campus. They are on the outskirts and are not appealing to the campus visitor. I think that this constitutes as a sink because they are out of the way in a depression of the ground and could be described as a "pile" of junk.

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  1. beautiful posting, caitlin. nice writing and evocative images that together help us see different aspects of the campus. i very much appreciate your personal views through your writing. well done! what do you think the other layers are that help the bell tower to be one of your favorite places?